Getting Started
Alpha Warning

MooseJS is Alpha Software

Thank you so much for your interest in MooseJS (opens in a new tab), the developer framework for your data & analytics stack. MooseJS is still in Alpha, and is not yet recommended for critical production use cases. That being said, we’d love for you to get your hands on it and try it out.

MooseJS is in active development, and we’re looking for feedback and insights on how to harden and improve, as we build towards the Beta release. You can reach us at or in our developer communities (opens in a new tab) on Slack (opens in a new tab) and Github (opens in a new tab).

Feature status

Primitive: Data ModelsBeta
Primitive: Streaming FunctionsAlpha
Primitive: AggregationsAlpha
Primitive: Consumption APIAlpha
InfrastructureBatteries included (Dev): Beta
Bring your own (Prod): Alpha
Local dev serverBeta
Deployment packagingAlpha
APIsIngest: Beta
SDKsCapture: Alpha (Typescript only)
Consumption: Coming soon
Data change mgmtPrototype / Pre-alpha
Templates (opens in a new tab)Product analytics: Prototype / Pre-alpha
Others: Coming soon
Testing frameworkComing soon
ConnectorsComing soon


All packages and builds are synced and versioned when published to repositories. It makes it easy to understand the compatibility levels of the different components.

Prior to 1.0.0, there is no guaranteed compatibility between components of different versions, beside the components with the exact same version numbers.

You can expect the same major and minor and patch versions of components to be compatible with each other.