Deploying your App
Monitoring your App

Monitoring your App

When you run MooseJS app localy you can visit localhost:4000/metrics to see the metrics that your moose app is collecting. This endpoint is also available on your production docker container These metrics are collected using Prometheus (opens in a new tab) instrumentation and metrics format.

Prometheus Metrics

The metrics endpoint will show you latency data for every single http endpoint that a http request has been made to. If no data is shown for a http endpoint then no http requests have been made to this http endpoint.

Here is an example of some metrics that are sent to this http endpoint

# HELP latency Latency of HTTP requests.
# TYPE latency histogram
latency_sum{method="POST",path="ingest/UserActivity"} 0.025
latency_count{method="POST",path="ingest/UserActivity"} 2
latency_bucket{le="0.001",method="POST",path="ingest/UserActivity"} 0
latency_bucket{le="0.01",method="POST",path="ingest/UserActivity"} 0
latency_bucket{le="0.02",method="POST",path="ingest/UserActivity"} 1
latency_bucket{le="0.05",method="POST",path="ingest/UserActivity"} 1
latency_bucket{le="0.1",method="POST",path="ingest/UserActivity"} 1
latency_bucket{le="0.25",method="POST",path="ingest/UserActivity"} 1
latency_bucket{le="0.5",method="POST",path="ingest/UserActivity"} 1
latency_bucket{le="1.0",method="POST",path="ingest/UserActivity"} 1
latency_bucket{le="5.0",method="POST",path="ingest/UserActivity"} 1
latency_bucket{le="10.0",method="POST",path="ingest/UserActivity"} 1
latency_bucket{le="30.0",method="POST",path="ingest/UserActivity"} 1
latency_bucket{le="60.0",method="POST",path="ingest/UserActivity"} 1
latency_bucket{le="120.0",method="POST",path="ingest/UserActivity"} 1
latency_bucket{le="240.0",method="POST",path="ingest/UserActivity"} 1
latency_bucket{le="+Inf",method="POST",path="ingest/UserActivity"} 1

These metrics are outputted as a Prometheus family of histograms (opens in a new tab)

Please let us know here (opens in a new tab) if you have any ideas or feedback about MooseJS monitoring.