Developing your App
Primitive: Consumption APIs


Consumption APIs in Moose convert your data into consumable API endpoints, centralizing and standardizing how data is extracted. They create a single source of truth that delivers consistent and accurate insights from your data across all downstream users and systems. Whether you need to display a metric on an internal dashboard or engage end users with real-time data, Consumption APIs are the answer.


Previous attempts to solve data inconsistencies involved integrating new tools (semantic layers) or building in-house infrastructure (metric stores) on top of your analytics database. Both approaches are costly, resource-intensive, and difficult to maintain. They also require integrating separate systems, which can lead to headaches with managing changes and ensuring proper functionality.

In contrast, Consumption APIs let you build data products within your analytics stack, controlling all database-level functionality and data retrieval in a cohesive environment. This eliminates the need for downstream applications or technical teams to connect to and query your database directly, avoiding the complexities and inconsistencies of past methods.

The Development Experience

With Moose, you write and execute parameterized SQL queries within a simple function. Inside this function you can:

  • Retrieve the necessary data from your database
  • Implement custom business logic to dynamically build and execute your database queries
  • Post-process your query results before returning the data to your consumer
  • You get to do all of this in your preferred programming language. Combining database-level operations with the flexibility of native programming enhances data retrieval and augmentation capabilities, offering limitless possibilities for creating dynamic, custom data solutions suited to your needs.