Getting Started
Project Structure

Project Structure

MooseJS relies heavily on structural conventions to make sure you can build quickly and reliably. That means the project structure is important.

The following is the basic structure of a MooseJS project:

      • model.prisma
          • flow.ts
  • package.json
  • project.toml
  • Top-level Folders and Files

    appThe main folder for your application.
    .mooseMoose internals. You shouldn't ever have to touch anything in here.
    package.jsonThe default npm package manifest file (opens in a new tab)
    project.tomlConfiguration file specific to Moose for your application.

    App folders

    datamodelsThe folder where you define your Data Models.
    flowsThe folder where you define your Flows - note that the hierarchy of folders here dictates the routing and orchestration of your flows.